Facility Rental

Dorm room

Rates – $20 – $40 per night (room reservation includes clean linens, bath towels, and allows use of the common area on each floor); available also is the basement recreation facilities (for use of basement by a group, they should have 5 or more rooms rented).


Rates – $25 – $75 per weekday during the academic year (8 am – 5 pm)

$25 – $50 on weekends, summer (non-academic year) or after 5 pm.

MAC Auditorium

Rates – $25 – $50 per hour, up to $200 for full day (2 hour minimum).


$25 per hour, up to $ 150 for full day (2 hour minimum).

Great Hall

Rates – $50 – $75 per hour, up to $450 for full day (3 hour minimum)

Use of the Great Hall for a special event and requiring set up of tables in a certain configuration, set up of a projector and screen, set up of chairs in a certain configuration requires an additional $50 for set up and $50 for take-down.

Science Laboratories (Must Be Supervised By OSSM Staff)

Rates – $ 35 – 50 per hour

Reservation of the OSSM campus for education conferences

Rates – $800 – $1000 per day. (Rates are based on the use of up to 10 classrooms in the MAC; the auditorium; the reading room; and the Great Hall). Lodging is not included in this rate. Lodging will be determined separately and will be quoted based on the number of rooms used.

Golf Cart Rentals

$ 25 minimum charge for full day usage

Food Services

Use of Food Services is contracted directly with our food service vendor. A surcharge may be assessed to the food services charges to cover the use of the OSSM kitchen facilities.

Use of Facilities

Preference is given to organizations whose mission and purpose closely align with and/or complement that of OSSM. A faculty or staff sponsor who can vouch for the organization gives the organization priority. Special considerations are also given to faculty and staff who desire use of the facility for personal reasons (i.e., for special event like wedding, birthday, or anniversary).

OSSM offers discounted rates to non-profit organizations and state agencies that use the facilities.

Note: Additional charges may assessed if there is extra cleaning, security, labor charges and set-up or take-down charges. Also, the organization or individual renting the facilities are responsible for any damage to the facilities.

Service and consumption of alcohol must be reviewed and approved by OSSM prior to the event.

All activities and events conducted on campus must be legal and in compliance with applicable state and federal laws.